4 Theories About How the Moon Formed

So, How the moon formed? Well, it is full of mysteries. There are many different theories related to it which tells us different tales about the formation of moon. These theories are:1) Fission Theory2) Capture Theory3) Co-Accretion Theory4) Giant Impact Hypothesis Thought is a very complicated problem and the researchers are still not very clear […]

10 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I Was 18 – Tiny Buddha

Becoming an adult is a difficult task with freedom comes responsibility. This article has some really good points to ponder over: 1. You don’t find meaning; you create meaning.2. You’re not fixed; you’re always growing.3. Carefully choose who you take advice from.4. You don’t need to know your passion.5. Buy experiences, not things.6. Life is […]


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