How to Sleep Better By Unplugging From Tech Before Bed

The best point from the post is to:

Schedule time to plug in

“In order to unplug before bed, I have a dedicated time each evening to plug in. This is a window of time that I can spend on my devices doing whatever I’d like — watching shows, catching up on the news, or checking Instagram and YouTube. Having a dedicated amount of time well before bed to plug in helps me prioritize my time on my devices and get any mission-critical items or entertainment out of the way of a good night’s sleep.”

—Sean Higgins, CEO of BetterYou, Saint Paul, MN

By doing so you can keep the track of your time and can’t feel left out from all the drama of social media. Just fix a slot 15-30 minutes a day where you can scroll the posts. This is gonna work.

The post is really good. You can read the whole thing by clicking on the link below. 😃