The Festival Of Bond ❤️ (A Siblings Bond)

Rakshabandhan festival

“RAKSHABANDHAN” is a popular Hindu festival. The festival is celebrated to cherish a siblings bond. It is on Monday, the 3rd of August (Rakshabandhan 2020). It is a tradition that teaches us lots of life values. Rakshabandhan is not just about tying of rakhis (threads) on the brother’s hand, it is more than that. Our parents love us the most in this world. After that, the relationship that comes close is of siblings. We spend the majority of years of our lives with them. And this festival is celebrated to acknowledge that bond. 


‘Raksha-Bandhan’, the meaning of the term is:

‘Raksha’, means ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan’, means ‘Promise’.

In short, Brothers give promise to their sisters to protect them from any harm and to care for them. We all have a special place for our siblings in our hearts irrespective of all those fights. Rakshabandhan is celebrated to cherish this precious bond. On Rakshabandhan, the sister ties a rakhi (thread) on her brother’s hand and prays for her brother’s health and well-being. In return, brother gives shagun (gifts) to his sister and also promises to protect her from any harm and to care for her forever. And this shagun (gifts) can be anything from money to clothes.


 The beauty of this tradition is immense and is beyond words. The festival teaches us about the eternal bond of siblings. There is a lot of mythology behind this tradition on how this tradition got started, but that is a whole different story. This festival is celebrated among siblings, cousins, sister-in-law (Bhabhi), fraternal aunt (bua), and nephew and other such relationships.

The main purpose behind this is to remind us about the importance of family. Every year, this festival helps to spread a lot of love, positivity, affection, and care.

Here is a picture, in case, if you don’t know what rakhi is: 

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