Happiness, An Everyday Ritual / Happiness Advantage

Happiness, a everyday ritual

If it was asked to you, what your answer would be? What would you choose to do every day that would be worth it? What will be your priority every day?  Give a thought about it. My answer would be happiness.


Happiness is a choice we can make every day. If you choose it daily, it will become one of your personality traits. Don’t you think it’s like positive psychology, you only have to train your mind?.

Happiness is one thing that should be on your list. To repent past and to procrastinate is a human tendency. We don’t want to live in the present. If we choose happiness everyday or practice it daily, we will make our lives less complicated and easy. I know that this is the hardest thing as we get bumped into ‘n’ number of things that spoil our mood. But don’t you think with little practice we can achieve it. Is not it be the priority on which we need to work daily?

Things are correlated:

how it works
How can you do it?

Keep a journal. Write about the things which made you unhappy during the day and try to work on them or find solutions. Also, try to make sure they will not bother you in the future. Yes, if you will practice this daily, you will improve and this will contribute a lot to your well being. After all, life is too short to live sadly.

Imagine yourself being 80; you are regretting about the old days that those were the days of happiness. But you wasted them by worrying about the things which were only short term.

 So, why waste the days when you can live them. Don’t do anything wrong; be happy and choose happiness daily. Only a small step towards happiness advantage a day is all you need.

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