“Religion, in 21st century”

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A lot of things come to mind when the term ‘religion’ coins in.

  • How has it survived for ages? Is it really necessary in the 21st century?
  • What good it is doing to human society?
  • Is it a way of living or just a collective term ‘religion’?

Religion is one of the most powerful things that have happened to humans. Some people will agree with this, some will not. Everyone has their perception. But, have you ever thought about it?

In the 21st century, we have everything from technology to healthcare.  We are privileged as compared to our ancestors. We have machines, robots, tools to save time but we often find ourselves short of time. What good this technology is doing if we don’t have peace of mind.

Here is the data-

                       Image Source: http://ghdx.healthdata.org/gbd-results-tool

The data shows how mental disorders have increased with time.

Neither, I am trying to make a statement in favor of religion nor I am trying to go against it. I want to connect the dots and search for things that are still unknown. There are a lot of whys and we have not explored them.


Our lives are so complex today that we often find ourselves struggling in a lot of areas- relationships, study, social life, and more. Isn’t it? The truth is, we lack clarity of thought, patience, satisfaction, concentration. These are the basic traits that make us different. We even lack the basics.

So, what can we do? Back to basics? 

 Some will say religion and spirituality divides society. Or religion makes human incompetent or stops them from exploring. Is it true? Was religion made for such purpose or we humans have destroyed it? Though, we do have the capability of destroying things. But, when you think about it deeply, religion is one of the most powerful things. It depends on you what you are searching for. It can make us or can destroy us.

Below, the given chart has few things which come under the umbrella of religion and directly or indirectly benefit us.


These things are directly or indirectly related to religion or a way of living (whatever you want to call it). And there are many more.


Ultimately, they are going to help you in the long term, be it-

  • Maintaining physical fitness through yoga.
  • Reducing anxiety or stress through prayer or chanting ‘OM’.
  • Getting clarity of thoughts.
  • Building a purpose for life. 

Our lives have become very complex today as we have forgotten the basics. Earlier people used to go to religious places; they socialize, they pray, these things helped them to remain sane. Our ancestors surely knew about the benefits of practicing religion or a way of living. I think it depends on how we use it. If we use it wisely, it is one of the best things ever happened to humans.

Go and give it a try. But, don’t do anything blindly or because others are saying. Always know what is right or what is wrong. Use your brain and be practical.  Try to explore things and try to know why these things are being practiced.

Religion is here for centuries and it is here to stay. Some people made it their business and some used it for wrong deeds but try to be informed and be among the ones who used it wisely. We just need to know how to practice this way of living. Religion is surely a big mystery and we need to explore a lot of whys.

Do give it a try and let me know about your experience in the comments.

“People are disturbed not by a thing, but by their perception of a thing.” — Epictetus

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